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Senegalese Twists – Type of Hair is Used, kinds of Styles, and More

Senegalese Twists – Type of Hair is Used, kinds of Styles, and More

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists, also known as rope twists, are a protective style that is a valuable and striking addition to any hairstyle routine.

How to do Senegalese twists?

  • The hairstyle can be done at home or in the salon. Natural hair is hydrated and pre-parted. Kanekalon or Marley hair strands are attached one by one to each section while twisting.

What type of hair is used?

All styles use Marley hair or Kanekalon hair. Both can be found in most beauty supply stores.

What kinds of styles can you achieve once you have the twists?

Here are many creative and inspiring styles, including updos, free twists, and half-up styles.

1: Bent Half-Up Do

  • Showing the face, this medium adds a distinctive touch. It’s another effortless style made for a busy woman or a woman who wants low-maintenance yet attractive hair.

2: high bun, shaved sides

  • With medium Senegalese twists toned with golden splendor, this style turns heads. A high knot with fashionable shaved sides.
  • This appearance is for a woman who wants to be edgy. See some burgundy pieces placed randomly? You can surely add a little spice to your base color.

3: Mohawk braid

  • Initially a symbol of rebellion, Mohawk can now be considering a staple in collecting African American female hairstyles.
  • The shaved sides make the Mohawk even bolder, and the braided braid adds a whimsical element to the look. So, you get a style that is edgy and feminine.

4: swept twists

  • This gorgeous style will keep your long locks out of your face, and it’s much more unique than other styling options that achieve the same effect.
  • To test it out, pull all of your hair to the side, creating a swoop, and then pin it at the back.

5: thick donut bun

  • Here’s a simple and cute updo for a woman who prefers to keep her twists out of her way. Or for a woman who wants an accessible style with style.
  • The thick bun can be worn on the crown of the head and is best for medium to large Senegalese twists.

6: The Hi-Bun Bow

  • A high bun that falls freely into a feminine bow is an excellent addition to any girl’s hair repertoire on the go.
  • Perfect for medium to large twists, it is for those who want to have an edgy hairstyle without fuss.

7: easy side part twists look

  • How should you style your hair? Throw it aside and wear a carefree long-haired attitude, duh! The deep side part will always go hand in hand with Senegalese twists.
  • Consider this your new everyday look and experiment with other options for special events or nights out.

8: long chestnut ropes

  • If you want to change your hair color but are concerned about the condition of your hair, color twists can be a great solution for you.
  • Choose shades that suit your skin tone and eye color.

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