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Shades of Brown Hair – 7 Best Shades of Brown

Shades of Brown Hair – 7 Best Shades of Brown

Shades of Brown Hair

Shades of brown hair the brown hair is hot. It is mainly used in women who have a light skin tone. However, dark girls do very well.

1. Espresso

  • Can’t get up without your caffeine fix in the morning? Well then, let’s extend this to the most intense hair color you can find.
  • It’s dark, daring, and luxurious. The key to getting this auburn shade is to make sure you have a high shine, so keep your hair in optimal condition.

2. Beach chestnut

  • Being spring hair trends, honey-colored highlights woven naturally into brown hair give an excellent sunny highlight to hair and face.
  • He looks like a person living in Barbados, not behind a desk. Ask your stylist for a brown-to-blonde balayage (a hand-created highlighting technique with a natural surfer-girl look).
  • Or, lighten hair a bit with Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter shampoo and conditioner, which gradually infuse golden tones and brighten dark hair.

3. Unconventional color

  • Unnatural highlights like UV, cherry red, and blue can add exciting touches to light chestnuts.
  • Check with your colorist, as it may be necessary to add a few blonde sections.
  • But it can be done with intensity or great subtlety, and the results are insta-glamorous.
  • If the extreme color change caused damage to your hair, protect delicate locks and reduce the risk of split ends with John Frieda Full Repair shampoo and conditioner.

4. Copper

  • As if rose gold wasn’t enough for interior and accessory inspiration, we now surrender to its feet as a hair color.
  • It works wonders with chestnut to blonde tones and can be used as a natural color wash or a lock.

5. Chocolate

  • This shade is perfect for playing with the shadow tint technique. But to keep it modern, try a few variants.
  • Instead of light roots to dark ends, with chocolate brown hair, try dark roots that gradually change to lighter ends.
  • Keep the texture slightly tousled with a volumizing mousse, which gives you a tousled, non-crunchy look.

6. Burnt siena

  • Even if your hair is covering in mahogany, auburn, or burnt sienna highlights, it will still look incredibly natural if the base is auburn.

7. Brown blonde

  • The beautiful encounter between brown and blonde consists of brown or blonde highlights.
  • However you want to see it, the truth is that the best way to obtain this light brown hair color is with balayage.
  • (The technique of free hand-painted reflections) rather than with traditional aluminum foil.
  • And also, the correct shade should be only two to three shades lighter than your current brown color.

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