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Sleep Like A Champ With These Mattress Shopping Tricks

Sleep Like A Champ With These Mattress Shopping Tricks

If your mattress has lost its initial shape, has already started squeaking, or if it has a foul odor coming out from its layer, then it’s time to toss your old one away and get shopping for your next. If not, you could just be harming your immune system – as partial or deprived sleep reduces your immune system’s responses.

So, if you’re looking to fight off and protect your body from external invaders such as bacteria or viruses, getting your hands on a quality mattress and obtaining your quality sleep is the key. Thus, for you to sleep like a champ, here are five easy tricks to look out for when going mattress shopping:

Your Sleeping Position

The first element to consider is your sleeping position. With this, you need to determine if you’re a back, stomach, side, or combo sleeper. By doing so, you’re able to pinpoint the areas that need support and how firm or soft you need your mattress to be. Thus, learn more about your position and their needs below:

Back Sleeper

If you’re a back sleeper, you’ll want your bed to support and align your neck, shoulder, and back well. Likewise, your mattress needs to distribute your weight across the entire surface so you won’t feel suffocated. If you have a soft bed, you could quickly feel a sinking feeling and wake up sore on your back – as it needs support.

Stomach Sleeper

There is a strain on your back for stomach sleepers as you force your spine to curve with your torso. So, if you want to avoid this, you should get a bed that will keep your hips aligned and lifted. With this bed, you encourage your spine to stay in a neutral position, away from aches in the morning.

Side Sleeper

If you’re a side sleeper, your hips and shoulders carry all the weight of your body, making it pressure points you need to look out for. Thus, it would help to get a comfy mattress that offers a cushion to ease the pressure in these sensitive areas. You should also note how cozy you want it to be – keeping in check that the bed isn’t too soft that it gives you a suffocating feeling.

Combo Sleeper

Combo sleepers are tricky as they change positions so often. Because of this, it’s best to get a balance of support and comfort, to get an equal footing in every option. With this, your shoulders and hips should be cushioned when side sleeping, and your spine should be neutrally aligned when back sleeping.

Your Firmness Level

Once you determine your sleeping position, it’s easier to pinpoint your firmness level. If you’re a back sleeper, getting a medium-firm bed is best to support your back. If you get a bed with a firmness level of one, you’re risking your neutral spine alignment. If you’re a stomach sleeper, getting a firm mattress is the most ideal. By doing so, you obtain a bed that supports your hips and keeps your spine in place.

On the other hand, side sleepers get quality sleep with beds that are on the softer part. With these beds, side sleepers experience the perfect cushion for their shoulders and hips. Lastly, combo sleepers can opt to get a medium-firm mattress. With this level, combo sleepers get the balance of support and cushion. Thus, your sleeping position, along with its firmness level, is key to getting your hands on the best bed there is!

Your Lifestyle

You’ll also need to take note of your lifestyle when buying your bed. Are you sleeping with a partner, or are you sleeping with a pet? Are you sleeping with two of your kids? Do you get hot quickly? By answering these questions, you determine other factors you want your bed to have. With these in check, you decide whether you want a mattress with cooling factors, motion isolation, or responsiveness. So, it would help if you thought these factors through.

Your Health

Not only should you consider your neutral spine alignment or helping relieve pressure off sensitive areas, but you also need to note if you have allergies. By doing so, you save yourself from health risks, and you could even opt to get a more breathable bed. If you’re getting chemically infused mattresses, these could be dangerous for your health as they emit an initial odor.

With this, it’s best to look into beds that don’t emit such. You could even get a latex mattress, as these beds are made from organic materials – making them more eco-friendly and breathable than any other mattress.

Your Budget

When considering your budget, you should think about how much you want to spend, how much you’re willing to overspend, and your total cost. You easily prepare your wallet for any financial surprises that may come along the way – and that includes shipping, delivery, set-up costs, and even the bed’s accessories. So, if you’re on a budget, it’s crucial to underline and keep track of your money and the bed’s total cost.


Although there are multiple factors that you need to go over when shopping for your mattress (like your preferences, budget, lifestyle, health, and the bed’s quality), following this guide will ensure that you get quality sleep ultimately. Likewise, it will save you time and money as you’re already guided on the perfect path to sleeping like a champ.

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