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Sony Spider Man – A Marvel Character, and More

Sony Spider Man – A Marvel Character, and More

Sony Spider Man

Many times when we refer to Spider-Man, we refer to its owner, Sony Spider Man. We have gotten used to it, and anyone interested in the world knows that the character’s rights.

Unlike what you might imagine at first, it does not belong to Marvel but the Japanese firm.

Spider-Man, a Marvel character created by Stan Lee

  • The origins of Spider-Man are clear and leave no room for doubt. The Spider-Man was created by Stan Lee, along with Steve Ditko.
  • And appeared pro first time at number 15 of the comic ” Amazing Fantasy, “published on August 10, 1962.
  • Peter Parker, the person who hid behind the mask, represented much more than you imagine.
  • In the 60s, these young characters were usually secondary, companions of the great superhero (a la Batman and Robin).
  • However, Spider-Man had all the weight on him. He was the protagonist, an orphan high school student who lived with his aunt in Queens and did not have any close reference to train as a hero.
  • He had to do it and learn by himself.
  • The reception of Spider-Man was so good with his appearance in “Amazing Fantasy” that it did not take long to enjoy your comic series.
  • ” The Amazing Spider-Man. ” This collection began to be published in 1963 and went on to become one of the most widely published American comics.
  • Spider-Man was another character within the Marvel world, to such an extent that in the first issue of his collection. He appearing on the cover alongside The Fantastic Four.
  • He also leaped the cinema for the first time cradled by his company Marvel. In the 70s, Stan Lee led the initiative with which Marvel Comics offered specific licenses to realize film projects.
  • From there came a TV series of The Incredible Hulk and a more solo project, including a Spider-Man movie, released in 1977.
  • However, it soon proving that it was not the time for superheroes in the cinema: people did not. I was interesting in the box office and these kinds of stories.

And then Sony Pictures came along

  • The 80s were hard years. Cannon Films (now defunct) bought the rights to Spider-Man from Marvel Comics on the condition that they return them if they didn’t release any movies before the 90s.
  • The company plummeted and had to resort to the sale, bought by another studio that went bankrupt.
  • The then owner of Cannon, Menahem Golan, started a new company, 21st Century Films, and sold the distribution rights of Spider-Man separately (TV, film and home video) to three companies.
  • It led to a whole soap opera of lawsuits between Marvel, Menahem Golan, and the companies involving that was a very severe financial blow for the superhero publisher.
  • So ample so that he had no choice but to start selling the film licenses of his franchises. And that’s when Sony Pictures comes in.
  • It already had the rights for its distribution in the home video (when Golan distributing, the firm that bought this branch was Columbia Pictures, a subsidiary of Sony) and was interesting in making the complete pack.
  • Marvel was so desperate in 1998 that they didn’t just offer Spider-Man: they put all the superheroes they had available to Sony on a platter (yes, from Iron Man to Black Panther to Thor).
  • All for just $ 25 million. But the company was not interesting in the rest of the characters who did not see any value – what things. So it only kept the masked man for 10 million dollars.
  • According to the then Sony Pictures executive, Yair Landau, on occasion, when he brought the choral offer of Marvel characters to his superiors, they said.
  • “Upstart gives a shit about the rest of the characters. Go back and do the deal just for Spider-Man.
  • Sony Pictures began its film career with the superhero, with excellent results initially, but ended in an absolute failure.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man, 2012 -on these lines-, was going to be part of a trilogy. Still, the second tape worked so badly that the project was canceling. Sony desperately needed help to make this profitable.

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Review Sony Spider Man – A Marvel Character, and More.

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