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Surface Duo – Design, Applications, Performance, and More

Surface Duo – Design, Applications, Performance, and More

Surface Duo

The first time meanwhile, the demise of Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft will launch a new smartphone. It’s called the Surface Duo.

And it has an iconic dual-screen design. The phone’s unique launch was scheduled for the end of 2020, but rumors now indicate that it could arrive in the middle of the year.

With single dual-screen functionality and Google’s Android working system under the hood, there’s plenty to enjoy. Here is everything we know so far. Furthermore, you can Get started with no-code to build your own application.

How does it compare to the Surface Neo?

Surface Duo wasn’t Microsoft’s only dual-screen device 2020. The business also plans to presentation the Surface Neo, a larger dual-screen laptop.

Likened to the Surface Neo, it is quite different. The latter will be much more influential for a couple of details.

Primary, the SurfaceNeo runs a full version of Windows designed for dual-screen devices, Windows 10X.

It lets you run the full range of Windows applications, including Win32, Microsoft Store, Progressive Web Apps, and Universal Windows Apps. At heart, it replaces a laptop.

Design and camera:

  • Here Microsoft hasn’t originated up with many aspects of design, battery life, or portability yet. But, pardon what we see is that the Surface Duo is dissimilar to a traditional folding smartphone.
  • However, the Surface Duo screen doesn’t fold like the Galaxy Fold. In its place, it has two separate screens, connected by a 360-degree hinge designed to stay out of sight, tucked a polished metal seam privately below the screen.
  • Also way, the device is equipped with the same magnesium material as the rest of the Surface line.
  • In our view, it will be a dependable and elegant device, with no nicks or buttons that get in the way once you land it in your hands.
  • In practical terms, the Surface Duo has two 5.6-inch screens, which unfold to 11.2 inches. The resolve was rumored to be 1,350 x 1,800 pixels on each of the two displays.
  • If correct, it would give a density of about 401 pixels per inch to each screen.
  • It all originates without sacrificing balance, as Microsoft also mentioned that Duo is only 0.19 inches thick.
  • There are thick bezels around the top of the device, so don’t expect it to be like bezel-less Samsung Galaxy phones.

Price and release date:

  • At the situation October 2019 Surface event in New York City, Microsoft stated that the Surface Duo was the 2020 Christmas launch.
  • Typically that means November or December. Nonetheless, in the calendar month, since things have changed, the phone could arrive much earlier.
  • As Microsoft intensified its development efforts for the device, a working version of the Surface Duo was recently discovered on public transportation in the hands of a Microsoft employee.
  • The Central Windows blog also reports that the Surface Duo could arrive this summer, which means you can get one anytime between July and August.
  • It would also make logic, as we heard that the brand was planning Microsoft’s Spring Hardware Event for its other family products, such as the Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2.
  • Otherwise, we hope to learn more about the Surface Duo if the coronavirus does not delay its launch.
  • As for value, not much is known yet about how much the Surface Duo might cost. Microsoft’s newest high-end smartphone, the Lumia 950XL, sold for $ 650 when it launched in 2015.


  • Similar to all else about the Surface Duo, Microsoft hasn’t talked about the device’s specs.
  • Judging by Windows Central’s Zac Bowden report, the Surface Duo could come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor inside. It will be balanced with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of base storage.

Application and software experience:

  • Here the Duo uses Google’s Android 10 operating system, with a custom lock or docking screen provided by the Microsoft Launcher app.
  • It’s where the two screens and the hinge come into play. The Microsoft touts that this functionality has many benefits in portability and work on the go.
  • You will be able to accrue applications next to each other, drag applications from one screen to another, and distribute them between the two. The hinge allows you to fold in four different modes, just like a modern 2-in-1 window.
  • The first set-up is the “stretched canvas,” where the applications are stretching across the hinge. The second is “two pages,” anywhere applications can be opened side by side.
  • Here are also “dual” and “companion panel” modes, anywhere you can open the Android home screen and the requests panel side by side to choose the applications.

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