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Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7 – Differences, Headphones, and More

Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7 – Differences, Headphones, and More

Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7

At the October 2019 event at Microsoft, the company introduced a wide range of new Surface devices like Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7.

Many of its new devices were released ahead of the official reveal, and, as expected. Microsoft released a full suite of Microsoft Surface devices, powered by the Surface pro X and Surface Pro 7.

Microsoft also had some store surprises, such as the Surface Neo, a dual-screen device that could prove revolutionary.

Surface Pro X

Now let’s move on to something entirely dissimilar: Surface Pro X. C is one of the slimmest products in the Microsoft range, measuring just 5.3mm, making it an extremely portable device. And, this portability is not just for portability.

Thanks to the new MSFT SQ1 processor that powers the Surface Pro X, it is a device designed to be your constant companion.

As rumors have suggested, it is a Snapdragon processor on the ARM platform, meaning the latter has LTE connectivity. And only 7W of power. We don’t know what the battery life will be like, but the result should be impressive with such low power consumption.

Don’t twist it, though – this is always good for the eyes. It features the exclusive Microsoft Surface design and an edge-to-edge PixelSense display that offers an impressive 2,880 x 1,920 resolve.

And with a 1,400: 1 contrast ratio, you’ll not ever want to look away again.

And thankfully, the Surface Pro X is compatible with Windows 10, rather than getting stuck with Windows 10 S like many other Windows ARM-based devices.

It means not only that you will be able to carry this around without cluttering up WiFi connections, but it won’t be blocked by the operating system either.

Microsoft has also revealed a new Surface Slim stylus, which should go better with a device similar to the Surface Pro X.

You can dock the stylus just below the display in the new Type Cover, and when it is there, it will continuously recharge. You don’t have to concern about the amount of battery in your Surface Pen.

And about this new Surface stylus:

  • The new Surface Pro X offers 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, which should be great news for all artists on the go.
  • Adobe even took the stage to show what it could do, introducing the new Adobe Fresco application, an original painting, and a drawing program. This application tries to recreate what you feel when painting with specific brushes and pencils.
  • We are not many artists, but it seems to be the ideal form between visceral and physical art and the digital world.
  • We don’t know once this device will come out, much less how much it will cost. But we can say that we are looking forward to our adventures in New York.

Surface Pro 7

And, of course, we have a new Surface Pro. The Surface Pro 7 didn’t have as much detail as the Surface Laptop 3, but we know that USB-C has finally arrived. However, it still uses this pesky Surface port.

However, the Surface Pro 7 brings some improvements to the table. With the Surface Pen, you can edit online in Microsoft Word, and the Studio microphones for Surface Pro 7 enhance voice commands.

That’s all we currently know about what the Surface Pro 7 can do, but we hope to hear about the team shortly, and we’ll update this article as soon as we know more.

Until then, you can pre-order the Surface Pro 7 today. It will be available on shelves on October 22. It will start at € 749, but we expect the more sophisticated models to be much more expensive.


  • It seems like every tech company currently offers intelligent headsets, and apparently, Microsoft wants to get in on the action. Insert the earbuds.
  • These truly wireless headphones include what Microsoft calls “Unisonic sound” and come with a charging case. And unlike the weird Windows 10 Bluetooth issues, these Surface Buds will dock with one click to the office.
  • And since it’s a Microsoft device, it features unique features like Office 365 integration and will translate PowerPoint presentations into more than 60 languages.
  • You don’t even have to concern about the battery running low because it lasts 24 hours.
  • Even if you don’t have a Windows 10 computer, you can use the Surface headphones because they are compatible with Android, with which you can use the touch controls to launch specific music applications.

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