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Telecommunication Write For Us

Telecommunication Write For Us

Telecommunication Write For Us – Telecommunication can be defined in a simple way: it is a distance communication. Of course, to carry out such communication, various techniques and modern technology are used , therefore it would be more accurate to define Telecommunication as a set of techniques and devices used to establish remote communication.

It is worth mentioning that Telecommunication are not exclusive to Earth. In our solar system there are probes from space agencies that establish automatic communications with our planet to send data.

That is, Telecommunication can cover great distances, or they can also be established between short distances, for example if you call your neighbor on the phone.

An important detail is that Telecommunication are not strictly telephone communications.

Although it is their most frequent use, they are not limited to it, in fact the action of sending an email to a person who is at a certain distance from us is also an example of communication, among many others.

Telecommunication Characteristics

Let’s see what are some of the main characteristics of Telecommunication, that is, what most defines them:

Are remote

Of course the most obvious characteristic of Telecommunication is that they are carried out at a distance.

Although it is not possible to establish a “minimum” distance to determine if a form of communication is telecommunication or not, it is quite obvious that, for example, a face-to-face conversation would not be, while a phone call to the neighbor would be. .

They have a sender and receiver.

Like any type of communication, in Telecommunication there is a sender, that is, the person from whom the message originates.

On the other hand, there has to be someone who receives the message, which of course is what we are going to define as the receiver. If either of these two elements is not present then the communication does not exist.

There are different types

A telecommunication does not necessarily have to be between only two or people or only between two devices, just as there are different types of technology , in fact there are also three types of Telecommunication.

It is called between two points when there is a single receiver and a single sender. It is known as multipoint when there are several senders and several receivers involved.

And finally, the name of broadcasting is given when there is a single transmitter but several receivers, for example in the case of radio or TV, where several people may be watching or listening to the same program.

They change with the advancement of technology

The introduction of new and improved tools and inventions has made communications evolve a lot throughout the history of technology .

While in the past communicating with the other side of the world was something that took months (for example, if we sent a letter by ship in the 16th century), today it is extremely simple and takes just a minute.

In the same way, communication with space probes currently takes longer than we would like, however, with the technologies that will surely emerge in the future, these processes will be much faster.

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