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The Problem of Airbnb Illegal Surveillance

The Problem of Airbnb Illegal Surveillance

Airbnb was founded in 2008, and it was committed to providing people with shared spaces to experience traveling like a local. However, now Airbnb owners simply offer their entire apartment or home to travelers or tourists willing to explore the city like a native. While renting an Airbnb is comparatively cheaper than hotels, it also comes with some major problems.

What has recently turned into a nightmare for tourists who regularly book Airbnb apartments is that they never know if they are under video or audio surveillance. Although most people like to keep a counter-surveillance gadget like EDD-24T Non-Linear Junction Detector with them for their peace of mind, it can still be a major turn-off.  

If you want to explore this topic in detail, keep reading this article!

Airbnb Privacy Policies

Airbnb has published its policies on its website regarding the use of cameras and recording devices. You can check it out in detail on the Airbnb website.

According to Airbnb, hosts can install cameras, recording devices, monitoring devices, and smart devices to offer “peace of mind” to both hosts and guests as long as they are clearly disclosed in the description of Airbnb’s listing.  

The host can install such devices in a public space like a driveway or front door, as well as a “common” space inside the Airbnb like a living room or kitchen. Again, it’s imperative that the host clearly discloses this to the guest before reservation.

What’s the Problem with Airbnb’s Privacy Policies?   

Now, there have been many instances in the past where guests discovered a camera in their Airbnb. Whether it was in a fake smoke detector, a charger, or a floor lamp, it was nothing less than a nightmare for them.

Although Airbnb has stated clear privacy policies, having a camera or recording device in a “common” space like a kitchen can still be quite intrusive. As a guest, you will feel like someone is watching you 24/7, or you’re under inspection.

Moreover, you never know when the host of your Airbn finds one of the clips funny and uploads it on the internet to get millions of views. As a tourist who wants to take time off and unwind, this can be nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing.    

In short, Airbnb hosts can take undue advantage of these privacy policies. Even if the host has clearly listed surveillance in the description, it can be a huge bummer for guests, as they simply won’t feel comfortable on their trip.    

The guests may even start getting paranoid and feel like every hole or corner of the Airbn space has a camera or some sort of recording device in it.

The Issue with Airbnb Hosts

As Airbnb hosts don’t have any insurance, unlike hotels, without having any recording device they won’t be able to get evidence for any kind of damage or mishandling of the property by the guests.

Now we can’t paint everyone with the same brush, some Airbnb hosts have clear intentions to stay on the safe side. However, having a camera or recording device in the space may be highly intrusive for the guests.

Therefore, the official privacy policies of Airbnb may lead to some people taking advantage in a bad way and may work against the hosts with no wrong intentions. It’s all about a matter of choice. If you don’t feel comfortable with such surveillance, you can always opt for a hotel for peace of mind. 

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