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The technology of the XXI century. IP panels

The technology of the XXI century. IP panels

While technology is progressing, there is a lot of new additional functionality, and IP technology does not seem to be a sensation on the market anymore. It seems there are no more new features to be discovered beside the standard basic functions.

IP panel — a device that works in tandem with the IP monitor. This device provides you with audio and video between the visitor and the owner of the IP intercom. An IP panel is a factor that impacts the quality of audio and video you get on the screen. IP intercom can actually upgrade you to a new level of your life. The device itself is very simple. These devices are equipped with a camera, a microphone, and a speaker. Additionally, they can be equipped with a code keyboard and proximity card readers to identify visitors.


There are many different models with different characteristics. We know two main types:

  • Indoor;
  • Outdoor.

The indoor ones are installed in the porches or the hallways in front of the offices. Indoor panels do not have strong housing, which significantly reduces the cost of manufacturing. Can have additional features such as:

– screen for video feedback;

– motion detector;

– fingerprint scanner;

– touch keypad;

– Compatible with different types of keys.

Call panels are also divided into two types:

  • Individual;
  • Multi-panels.

Individual panels are installed for a single subscriber, an apartment, a private house, or an office and are used for private purposes.

Multi-panels are installed in apartment buildings, office centers, dormitories, etc. Each subscriber has his intercom in such systems, and the calling unit is general for all. For apartment intercom systems, it is better to use analog equipment.

The distinctive feature of IP outdoor panels is the high quality of the image. In analog models, the maximum recording resolution is only 2 megapixels, while digital devices can transmit and record video up to 4 MP. Digital ones can work in conjunction with a video recorder (NVR). Like low-cost analog devices, IP outdoor panels use PAL and NTSC video standards.

Outdoor call panels are often made in a solid metal housing with a high level of environmental protection, but there are cheaper models in a plastic case.

According to the method of communication, call panels are divided into two main subspecies:

  • Audio panels (providing only audio communication);
  • Video panels (full audio-video communication).

Video panels are also divided by color:

  • Monochrome (black and white);
  • Color.

Color panels use two video standards, PAL and NTSC, which transmit video from the panel to the monitor in CVBS (analog) and HD (AHD, HD-TVI, HD-TVI).

Modern color panels can be divided into two main types:

  • Analog / HD panels;
  • Digital (IP) panels;

Analog devices have a maximum recording resolution of 1000 TVL (TV lines) and CVBS format, while HD models have a maximum resolution of up to 2MP with 1920×1080 pixels, supporting AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI formats.

The main difference between digital and analog outdoor panels – stand-alone operation without reference to the indoor unit. The IP outdoor panel can be positioned as a full-fledged intercom system.

How does it work?

The outdoor panel can be connected to the Ethernet network.

Digital door stations can be divided into:

  • Wired;
  • Wireless.

The next step is to install the software on your smartphone or PC, which is also connected to your local network. You need to configure the call forwarding from the door station to the remote device in the application interface. As a result, we get a video intercom panel connected to the Internet, which will dial the remote device and send push notifications. Also, the mobile application allows remote access to the video panel, additional cameras and open/close the electric lock from anywhere in the world.

The cameras in the panels have two types of matrix: CMOS, CCD.

When designing a network intercom system, the equipment should be from a single manufacturer. Your budget plays an important role when choosing an intercom system. The market for intercom systems is built so that the cheaper the equipment, the easier it is. Therefore, if your budget is small and limited, it is better to opt for simple analog intercom systems.

How to choose?

Once you have decided on the conditions of the application and your budget, you need to think about the tasks that the video intercom should perform based on your requirements. There are two main points to consider when choosing.

  • Image – can be color or black and white. The most popular cameras are black and white. They have a lower price and provide a high-quality picture. Color cameras can provide high-quality images only in good light. The most expensive models are equipped with IR diodes, which allows them to automatically switch between shooting modes. And the IR illumination allows them to take pictures even in total darkness.
  • Ruggedness – the body of the panel can be made of plastic or metal, depending on the species. The outer panels are necessarily metal. Their degree of protection is indicated by a special marking, for example, IP67. In this case, the first digit after the IP is the level of protection against dust, and the second – against moisture. The higher the number, the better protected the device is.

Connection types

Most often, the connection of the outdoor panel to the video intercom is made with a cable. The number of wires must match the number of devices to be connected. For example, many models of Neo light are characterized by a 4-wire type of connection. With this scheme, each core gets the following assignment:

  • Zero;
  • Power to the device;
  • Transmitting audio signals;
  • Sending visual pictures.

More recently, wireless models that connect digitally, coordinate, or set up over an IP network have been used.

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