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Tips For Buying A Perfect House In Kenya As A Foreigner

Tips For Buying A Perfect House In Kenya As A Foreigner

Foreigners visit Kenya for different reasons. Diplomats and United Nations staff members come to the country on an assignment. Usually, they have to find houses that have the approval to host members of the diplomatic community. Homes like these in Kenya are located in Nairobi, places like Gigiri and Parklands, which are close to most embassies. Other foreigners come to the country on business, looking to invest or see how their businesses are doing.

They can either find a house to rent for a short time or decide to purchase a Kenyan home. Buying is an excellent option for any foreigner who plans on putting down some roots in the country. Moreover, they can always sell the house for profit if they decide to leave one day.

Buying a house in Kenya may take a couple of months, depending on how much experience you have in the market. As a foreigner, purchasing while you are outside the country might also require professional help. You need to know how the Kenyan real estate market works and what you want to buy. Here are some details on how to purchase the home.

1. Doing market research

Of course, you need to try and learn as much as possible about the Kenyan real estate market. Many factors make it unique, so a better understanding of everything will give you an advantage. The information you need is online. Check established real estate companies that tend to have a blog on their websites.

2. Deciding what you want

After your research, you can start narrowing down what you want in your Kenyan home. An essential thing you need to decide on is the location. Where you live while in the country will depend on your business or career. Popular areas for foreigners include Nanyuki, which has a significant population of people from other countries.

3. Online house search

Checking online websites is a great way to find a house in Kenya. That is especially true for buyers who are still outside the country and may not be able to look for housing options in person. Try to visit Hauzisha website and find a house to buy or rent. The platform is home to many verified house listings from various real estate agents and homeowners.

4. Finding a representative

A qualified expert should represent anyone buying a home in Kenya while outside the country. That means a real estate agent or a commercial property lawyer, preferably those with years of experience in the industry. Working with an expert will take the load off your shoulders and allow you to go about the buying process as objectively as possible. It can also give you access to excellent listings.

5. Conducting due diligence

There are some official processes you must complete. For instance, your representative should verify the ownership of the home you are buying. They can do this by checking the official government land and property records that outline previous owners and the current ones. Ask if there are additional fees you need to pay before the home becomes yours.

6. Sealing the deal

Before you finally sign off, try to have a physical look at the house. That way, you will know what exactly you are buying and if it fits your requirements. Remember, many places are well-built and have undergone the required maintenance. However, some homes do not meet the standards and regulations, and you should try to avoid buying a poorly maintained house. If you cannot visit the house yourself, send someone you trust to do it on your behalf.

Buying a home is quite an investment. Purchasing another country is particularly difficult for first-time buyers. Small things, like looking for a great real estate agent, can help make the process easier for you.

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