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3 Tips to Keep Customers Engaged

3 Tips to Keep Customers Engaged

Customers are the backbone of every business. This is why it is important to engage them in meaningful and impactful ways. We are no longer dealing with a group of customers that are naïve, uninformed, and easy to please.

People have access to a plethora of information on the internet, so it’s no longer enough to get PR services, celebrity endorsements, or catch slogans. To truly engage them with your brand and persuade them to conduct business with your company, you must craft powerful and meaningful engagement plans.

Customer engagement is one of the greater challenges for marketers, but that does not mean that you give up easily. The challenge may be great, but we’re a highly competent generation now. A great start is to grab opportunities and employ the many smart methods and tactics that will help boost customer engagement.

We will share three great tips in this article with you. Keep reading!

Customer Engagement – What it is

Before a brand can employ any tips that will help boost its client engagement, it is essential to first grasp its definition. Customer engagement is not a very complex term, and it simply refers to the interaction between a business and its customers.

Interaction in today’s world happens both online and offline. The objective behind it is to convince customers of the company’s authenticity and industry expertise. We interact with customers in a variety of ways, including newsletters, blogs, live chats, information videos, customer support, and more.

It is good for brands to give thorough attention to customer engagement. A brand that invests here shows that it prioritizes value creation over revenue extraction. They’re also those brilliant industry experts who do not irritate customers with a sales pitch.

Rather, they make efforts to give more valuable content, a stellar customer experience, customer support in real-time and meaningful interaction. If you take the time to design a robust customer engagement strategy, you will foster greater sales and customer loyalty for your business.

Now that we know just how profitable customer engagement is for businesses, let’s share three great tips to boost engagement below:

1.     Take Maximum Advantage of Social Media

Nothing has conquered and overtaken the world as completely and massively as social media has, and this will only grow inordinately. Besides, if we’re to be honest, social media is also one of the most powerful and fastest-growing tools for business. So why not capitalize on this?

You can create a number of communities for your brand where you can encourage a large number of customers to engage with you. Most of the target audience for businesses today is on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular platforms.

You can engage with a larger number of people quite effectively and quickly if you create a brand profile on most of the popular platforms. Your customer engagement will become stronger when your business will:

  • Be directly engaging with them
  • Answering their questions promptly
  • Updating them regularly about your new products and services
  • Providing the information they seek and need from you

Customer engagement is not a one-man show or a monologue. It is rather a dialogue where both parties actively communicate, share and discuss. This is the ultimate goal of customer engagement.

You can also Host Social Media Contests

We mentioned how businesses would get multiple advantages if they use all of the facilities of social media. One of those includes hosting campaigns and contests that boost customer engagement by ten folds.

Customers love participating in competitions, contests, and such events that brands host online with giveaways and prizes. After all, winning prizes is a fanciful experience for all of us, regardless of our ages.

Hence, by brainstorming ideas for innovative contests and similarly compelling social media campaigns, you can successfully expand your target demographic.

2.     Push Notifications

A gentle reminder is often enough to draw someone’s attention back towards you. In this case, a small gentle reminder would be a push notification to effectively re-attract your customers’ attention. Push notifications are small pop-ups that surface conveniently on the desktop or mobile devices of the audience.

They’re very effective for brands for conveying messages about special offers, news, events, new products, services, etc. If customers subscribe to a brand’s invitation to receive their push notifications, it means that the customers have already decided to engage with them.

From there on, it is the responsibility of businesses to keep crafting enticing offers and messages that appeal to customers. They will constantly stay in touch with your brand’s updates, and this connection is just the level of engagement you will profit from.

The only thing you need to be careful about is the accuracy of timings and appropriate content. Customers will only find the push notifications appealing till they’re not irritating. But if you bombard them with too many, you might just end up losing customers.

3.     Collaborate More with Customers

There’s nothing more engaging than keeping customers by your side constantly. But how can a business do that? Take a look at the following ways:

  • Establish forums on your business profiles where your company’s representatives ask customers for their opinions and feedback. Also, make it a point to incorporate their feedback as much as possible in your business dealings
  • Make them a part of your product-making process. You can conduct product tours, factory tours and host similar events for direct dealing with customers
  • Reward customer loyalty, highlight loyal customers on your pages, and more
  • Remember their important dates, such as birthdays, etc. and send greetings
  • You could also invite co-creation of content from your customers

Final Thoughts

Brands that work on boosting customer engagement at all touchpoints enjoy increased sales more customer loyalty while providing seamless experiences for them. Customer engagement is no longer an alien concept, but despite the awareness, many businesses don’t invest the necessary time and attention on it.

With a well-thought and executed customer engagement plan, there’s no way your business will ever suffer or lack a solid customer base!

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