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What Are the Skills Required To Study Fashion Design?

What Are the Skills Required To Study Fashion Design?

Fashion offers a platform for self-expression. The clothing that is worn depicts a visual story. A Fashion Designer ideates, conceptualizes, designs and craft garments, footwear, handbags and other lifestyle accessories etc. taking inspiration from socio cultural attitudes, aesthetics, fashion trends, economic conditions, materials, fabrics, patterns and techniques etc.

Fashion Designers have to collaborate with teams in fashion business, like stylists, merchandisers, patternmakers, modeling agencies, magazine editors etc.

Skills necessary to study Fashion Designing:

Essential skills required to be a success in the industry are:

Creative & artistic capability: Fashion Designers need creative skills to continuously come up with innovative & original concepts to make their clothing design stand out. Furthermore, he must be adept in balancing of colours and patterns within their design. Artistic skills are inborn and can be enhanced with formal classes along with daily practice. In fact, your concepts as well as your design style can be your trademark and can help you in achieving a distinguished career.

Sketching ability: Sketching ability will help to communicate your visualisation with accurate measurements, precise angles and curves to not only the clients, but also other stakeholders.

Communication & networking skills: Excellent communication & networking skills are a must since a fashion designer has to communicate & collaborate with not only his team, but also people from various departments along with clients, vendors, other manufacturers, other fashion & textile designers etc. He should be able to delegate as well as explain clearly his expectations. Furthermore, he also needs these skills to effectively pitch designs to the client as well as other stakeholders. In addition, he must be a good listener so as to not only understand the requirements, but also incorporate any feedback.

Analyzing Data: In order to be relevant in the market, a fashion designer needs to not only understand the latest fashion trends, but also the customers along with the market situation. Besides this you also need to analyze and interpret the data related to socio cultural trends, the sales vis-e-vis the ensuing trend etc. in order to be able to predict the kind of design that will result in success and hence profits.

3D designing skills: Currently the trends are evolving at a very fast pace and hence the time gap between designing and its final release in market has to be reduced. Fashion designers have to be adept in use of 3D design and development process to not only see the end result without going through the entire production process but also to reduce the costs as well as production time.

Studying Fashion Design:

There are varied colleges offering Fashion Design courses, however you should choose that college which offers:

  • Curriculum must equip students with comprehensive understanding of fashion designing inclusive of theoretical, hands on as well as strategical.
  • College must offer its students with international perspective through regular interaction with industry experts, professors from foreign universities as well as through exchange programs.
  • College must motivate its students to be innovative. In addition, the college must keep them up to date with ensuing fashion trends, modern techniques, sustainable practices as well as environment friendly material.

Why wait? Register now and build a satisfying career in this art field.

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