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What to Expect When Traveling in Sydney

What to Expect When Traveling in Sydney

Sydney Australia is a favorite vacation spot for many. The city is lively, the food is great, the weather is warm, and it’s near some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. 

Read on to discover more of what you can expect when traveling to Sydney.

The Transit System is a Little Bit Odd 

The transit system is often the first thing people research when planning a trip and for good reason. It’s important to determine whether you need to rent a car, get a public transport card, or just use uber. Well, look no further because here is everything you need to know while you’re discovering the great city of Sydney. 

It Can Be Slow and Unreliable

All of the locals will be quick to tell you that the public transportation system has made some questionable decisions throughout the years. These decisions have led to a transit system that is often slow and teeming with delays, especially during inclement weather. So, plan ahead, leave for your destination early, and sit back and enjoy the ride. 


Ferries are considered a reliable transportation source that many locals take to work every day. If you need to get from one side of Sydney Harbor to the other, then this is a great option for you. It’s more reliable than most of your other options, and you’ll experience views that you surely will not forget.  

When Not to Use a Taxi

If you plan on using the taxi system during your time in Sydney, it’s best that you know there is a one-hour period that happens twice a day that you will want to avoid. Every day at three am and three pm, the taxi drivers change shifts. This makes taking a cab difficult and slow. Planning to use other transportation options during this time would be best. 

Walking is an Option 

While Sydney is a city, it is relatively compact. Many locals and tourists enjoy walking to their destinations. Walking is not only doable, it’s a surefire way to explore the city and quickly uncover everything there is to love about it. 

The Beach is Just a Short Ride Away

Are you planning a beach day? Or several beach days? Well, you should know that getting there may be easier than you expected. If you’re staying in the city and want to lay out on the sand at Bondi, Coogee, Manly, or Cronulla then you are in luck. Bondi and Coogee can be reached by bus, Manly can be sailed to by ferry, and Cronulla is just a short train ride away. 

Luggage Storage

If you want to make the most out of your trip, you should use the travel days to your advantage. If you have a late check-in upon arrival or an early check-out upon leaving, simply use luggage storage Sydney to drop your bags off and enjoy the city. There’s no need to wait around for your room or plane, and there’s certainly no need to lug your bags all over the place. Just store them and enjoy. 

Nightlife Can Be Short-Lived

When planning out your days, be sure to take note that Sydney’s nightlife doesn’t party ‘till the sun comes up. Many shops close their doors by seven pm, restaurants shut their kitchens down by nine-thirty pm, and even bars will call it quits around one-thirty am due to government lock-out laws. Hours vary from place to placem, so do your research! 

Always Check the Weather

The weather down under can be quite deceiving. You may wake up some days with clear skies and warm sun, but by the time you make your way to the beach, a fierce storm could be meeting you at the shore. Always check the weather and pack a poncho. 

Plenty of Wifi to Go Around 

Sydney has adapted to the hotspot mindset. While restaurants and cafes will almost all have wifi, some parks and natural areas have been supplied with wifi so you can enjoy the nice weather while staying connected. 

Art is Free to Enjoy 

Are you hoping for something fun and affordable to do for your whole family? Sydney’s art galleries have got you covered. While they do offer some ticketed events. General admission for the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Museum of Contemporary Art is completely free. 

The Bottom Line 

Sydney is a beautiful city with a lackluster transportation system, accessible luggage storage options, an early nightlife, unpredictable weather, free wifi, and free art. As long as you do your research and plan out your days, you can expect a great time while visiting Sydney. 

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