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Why MBBS? It is a general question arises in a lot of young minds. Since our childhood, we have played the DOCTOR DOCTOR game and are so happy while acting as a doctor and treating our patients. It is a very lengthy course as per sem and years, but still, we get into it. Students should be more aware of opting for this profession during school time itself and how much dedication and patience are required to achieve their desired goals. Following the population boom in our country, the medical sector is still not up to the brim. A lot has been developed, and a lot is still needed to be developed. We have a famous saying, “HEALTH IS WEALTH,” which means that if the country is physically healthy, it will be healthy economically.

We still need a lot more good doctors in terms of quality and numbers. The course duration for MBBS is different in different countries following their environmental condition and the mode of education. When we talk about INDIA, the UG course is approximately 5.5 years. After completing this, students can work as GP (GENERAL PRACTITIONER).

There are a variety of specialist fields in which we can opt for our masters:


Neurology is a study of nerves and neurological health issues.


Ophthalmology is the medical science sector related to studying our eyes and their defects.


This sector deals with studying the body skeleton, which is the bones and the defects. It also deals with the trauma-related problem in bones and the diseases of bones, for example, bursitis.


Cardiology is a study about the functioning of the heart and heart-related diseases.


It is related to the renal-related problems and diseases that are the kidney.


It is the branch of medicine that deals with the diseases in the urinary tract system of make and females.


This branch of medicine deals with the problems and diseases related to children under 15 years of age.


It is a specialized course for the respiratory system and its problem, leading to severe disease in our body—starting with the lungs.


This branch deals with treating diseases in women, especially their reproductive part-related problems.


The branch of medicine deals with the Imagining technology such as X-Ray, CT scans, MRIs to diagnose and treat the diseases.

A lot more specialized courses are there which a student can opt for as per their interest.

Mostly for the first and second year of studies, student learn about the pre-clinical subjects. Then from the 3rd year, the clinical rotation starts according to the clinical-based subjects the student is studying simultaneously. It keeps on going till the end of the course. After completing the course, students need to do a mandatory internship for approximately a year to enhance their skills. It gives them more idea about the patient handling as we all know it is one of the most important jobs because the doctors are dealing with life and cannot put it at stake.

This profession makes our connections and experiencing different lifestyles a lot more accessible as DOCTORS are required in every part of this world. It can enhance our knowledge about the health sectors in other countries and how the health care system works to improve the  health. There is no doubt that medical students have to study a lot, and for this, they can also take the help of online platforms; that uses software for school management to manage all the data and information. Using one of the best school management software for keeping the records is beneficial as it can reduce the burden on manpower about maintaining their data.

To Conclude:

Hence we conclude; still, it is a lengthy course, it is going to be difficult, and it will take a lot more time, but at last, it will be worth it. The patient comes with the hope of getting cured. It gives the doctor and the patient a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment once they cure them. As mentioned above health sector is one the most important pillars of the country and needs to be kept firm and steady for the development of the country and the sake of mankind.

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