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Why Moissanite Now Became A Popular Choice For Engagement Rings

Why Moissanite Now Became A Popular Choice For Engagement Rings

Due to its exceptional scarcity, Moissanite has not been well-known until recently. They are exclusively present in meteorites and do not normally appear on Earth. But via scientific invention, current technology has drastically changed the Moissanite supply.

Because it doesn’t develop naturally on the earth as other gemstones do, moissanite is incredibly rare in its native state. This gemstone truly comes from space meteorites and is identified as moissanite when it touches down on the planet. Natural Moissanite cannot be mined because of the circumstances surrounding the creation of this gem, and it is extremely expensive to obtain.

Around 1910, when the concept of engagement rings started to gain traction, diamonds had a sufficient natural supply in mines all over the world to meet demand. Moissanites were known to gemologists and jewelers at the time, but there wasn’t a sufficient supply to support extensive commercialization.

This was the situation prior to the development of technology that allowed for the lab production of Moissanite gemstones. Modern chemistry has been able to create common gemstones in a lab setting in recent decades because of advances in technology.

These include Moissanites, Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, and Rubies. Consumers began to like moissanite because of its comparable beauty, robustness, and affordable price. Due to its identical optical characteristics, consumers and occasionally even jewelers have trouble distinguishing Moissanites from its overly-marketed sibling.

Around 1980, when Moissanites made in a lab were commercially available, jewelers had a common interest in preventing the widespread distribution of this gemstone. Although Moissanites were known to jewelers, none of them wanted to sell or inform customers about them because doing so would compete with their sales of very profitable Diamonds.

Most people have only recently heard of this gemstone because moissanite has been the jewelry industry’s best-kept secret for the longest time. Due to recent disclosures of knowledge about these gems, Moissanites are currently a popular gemstone used in engagement rings.

Why purchase moissanite rings?

Diamonds have always been the preferred option for engagement rings because of their strength, beauty, timeless aura, and other qualities. However, Moissanite, a different kind of gemstone, has grown significantly in popularity over time.

Natural and synthetic moissanite is composed of carbon, just like diamonds. It resembles a diamond in appearance, but they are not the same. Since silicon carbide is no longer often found in nature, natural moissanite gemstones are actually quite rare.

As a result, many individuals choose lab-produced moissanite jewelry. Lab-grown moissanite gemstones have a lower carbon footprint and are a positive influence on the environment compared to diamonds.

However, because the popular of what you’ll find on the market is lab-grown, moissanite is considerably more widely available than diamond.

Your Moissanite engagement ring will last forever because it is one of the world’s toughest stones. Consider purchasing an engagement ring made with this stone if you’re seeking an affordable way to brighten up your union.

Growing Market Popularity of Moissanite

Jewelry lovers have long said that the diamond is the sole real representation of love. Moissanite is now a different choice. Although this stone isn’t quite as well-known as diamonds, it is becoming more and more popular among customers looking for alternatives to the classic engagement ring. Key justifications are as follows:

Hypoallergenic Features

Moissanite is safe for people with allergies. It is a general option for jewelry aficionados. Everyone wants to wear items that are secure and will safeguard their health, which is why moissanite engagement rings are popular.

Simple to maintain

The stone’s growing popularity is also attributed to its small weight and ease of upkeep. Your ideal, lightweight engagement ring from moissanite will keep you comfy the entire time. It doesn’t require specific maintenance as diamonds do. All that wants to be done is to keep it dry and clean.

Design Alternatives

Examples of designs include eternity rings, wedding bands, and moissanite bands. The beauty of this stone is enhanced by these distinctive patterns.


Diamonds fade more quickly than moissanite. According to research, moissanite could survive up to ten times as long as diamonds. This is brought about by the stone’s hardness. Long-lasting moissanite for usage in jewelry production has also benefited from improved laboratory procedures.

Sizes and shapes

This lovely stone (moissanite) comes in a variety of sizes and forms. Round, princess cut, emerald cut, oval, pear shape, and heart shapes are a few of them. Any wedding band or ring setting can accommodate them. The fact that you can create them in a lab makes all of this conceivable.

Accessibility and price

You won’t have to stress about where to get your engagement rings. Engagement rings made of moissanite are typically less expensive than diamond engagement rings.

Moissanite is more environmentally friendly than diamond because it is created in a lab. Due to this and other factors, many people pick it over diamonds. Most diamonds come from mines where there are a lot of conflicts and environmental damage.

Durability and Strength

A material with a flash of high brilliance and extraordinary durability is moissanite. In comparison to diamonds, it also offers higher scratch and break resistance. In fact, it is even harder, which is why it is preferred greatly to contemporary diamonds.

Moissanite engagement rings may be the perfect choice if you’re seeking a lovely substitute for diamonds. To get the ideal fit for your lover, you can pick from a variety of styles and designs.

If you want to buy high-quality jewelry at a cheap price, moissanite is a fantastic substitute for diamonds. Therefore, you should think about buying moissanite engagement rings rather than diamond selections if you intend to propose to your significant other soon.

The popularity of the Moissanite jewelry trend is rising. Many ladies are choosing them because they are an appealing option for engagement rings. Unlike other valuable stones, the color of moissanite has no impact on how it appears. Your spouse won’t be put off by the ring’s intense color. Different colored engagement rings and pendants are available.

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