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Wifi Write for us

Wifi Write for us – A wireless or Wi-Fi network use a radio frequency signal, rather than wires, to connect your devices, such as computers, printers, and smartphones, both to the Internet and to each other. Any wireless-enabled device, such as a laptop or tablet, can pick up a WiFi signal over a distance, from any direction. See Tips for better WiFi network performance and When to upgrade your wireless network equipment for more information.

Why do I need Wi-Fi?

Are you thinking whether or not to configure WiFi in your home? Here are several reasons why you should set up a wireless network in your home:

  • Freedom to access the Internet from anywhere within the range of the signal and to move your devices around the house, to any location within the range of the WiFi signal, without losing your connection. Bring any mobile device, like a laptop, into any room and you’ll still have access to the Internet, with no extra work required.
  • Possibility of access to other computers connected to your network, for example: several computers can use a printer without a direct cable connection.
  • Internet access on devices such as Smartphones and tablets to download books, music, movies, and apps, or to browse the Web.
  • Freedom from the inconvenience of installing cable connections in different rooms.

Is Wi-Fi secure?

Because WiFi devices use a transmission signal instead of cables to connect to the Internet and to each other, it is possible for unauthorized users to access your network. This can slow down your connection speed or make you vulnerable to situations like identity theft. And yet, there are several ways to ensure your home wireless network is secure.

All Comcast wireless gateways come preconfigured with the best possible security options for a home network. But if you have a third-party router, there are several steps you can take to protect your network. See Use the Admin Tool to secure your wireless network to identify the security options available for your wireless gateway.

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