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Windows 10x – New Start Menu, and More

Windows 10x – New Start Menu, and More

Windows 10x

Windows 10X is a spin-off of Windows 10, designed specifically for dual-screen devices.

The Superficial Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 were joined by the Surface Pro X, a new device with its processor inside.

However, arguably the most exciting new features were the Surface Duo and the Surface Neo, two dual-screen folding devices.

While the Duo will come with Android, the Neo will ship with a modified Windows known as Windows 10X.

So what is Windows 10X exactly?

  • It’s a new version of Windows exactly designed for dual-screen devices, although it will work on single-screen devices as well.
  • It’s not Windows 10, although it sounds and looks like a new version of that operating system.
  • However, it isn’t evident because Windows 10 already supports dual displays, but as you’ll see, Windows 10 isn’t suitable for the kind of small-screen portable devices we’re talking about.
  • They are the next cohort of mobile PCs, designed to be used in conjunction with the existing desktop.

When will Windows 10X be available?

  • Windows 10X was initially expected to debut Microsoft’s Surface Neo towards the end of 2020 before making its way among third-party manufacturers soon after.
  • However, in response to product delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the software will be available much sooner for laptop and PC users.
  • An official blog post announced Microsoft’s intention to roll out Windows 10X on single-screen devices initially, before its arrival on the Surface Neo and other dual-screen PCs. This news will inevitably delay its release until 2021.

What’s new in Windows 10X?

A new user boundary, the Surface Neo, is one of these new devices. It has two 9-inch screens, so it’s a bit like two tablets joined together with a hinge. Except it’s much more than that.

Laterally with a stylus, you can use a magnetic keyboard with the Neo. It can be placed on
top of one of the screens, leaving a stripe about a quarter of the screen visible.

Microsoft calls it the “Wonder Bar” because it can display a mini version of an application, an emoji panel, as well as reserve an area that you can use as a trackpad to control a mouse pointer.

When both shades are visible, you can choose to run a different app on each (a web browser and Word, for example) or have a single app span across both screens in an intelligent way other than the just zoom to fill. Space.

A new start menu:

  • The Windows 10X also has a new start menu that looks a bit like a search engine’s home page: a search bar at the top, links to apps at the bottom.
  • And the documents and web pages to be accessed. have recently been accessed. Here it spreads across the two screens of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold.

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