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Wrong Turn All Parts in Hindi Dubbed Download

Wrong Turn All Parts in Hindi Dubbed Download

Wrong turn all parts in hindi dubbed – Wrong Turn is an American horror film series created by Alan B. McElroy. The series consists of seven films, six sharing the same continuity and one reboot.

The first six films focus on various families of deformed cannibals who hunt and kill people in West Virginia in horrific ways by using a mixture of traps and weaponry.

The reboot features a centuries-old cult in Virginia that responds violently to outsiders who intrude on their self-sufficient civilization.

About the Movie

Directed by:

  • Rob Schmidt (1)
  • Joe Lynch (2)
  • Declan O’Brien (3–5)
  • Valeri Milev (6)
  • Mike P. Nelson (7)

Written by:

  • Alan B. McElroy (1, 7)
  • Turi Meyer (2)
  • Al Septien (2)
  • Connor James Delaney (3)
  • Declan O’Brien (4–5)
  • Frank H. Woodward (6)

Produced by:

  • Stan Winston (1)
  • Brian Gilbert (1)
  • Erik Feig (1–6)
  • Robert Kulzer (1–7)
  • Jeff Freilich (2)
  • Jeffrey Beach (3, 5, 6)
  • Phillip Roth (3, 5–6)
  • Kim Todd (4)
  • James Harris (7)


  • John S. Bartley (1)
  • Robin Loewen (2)
  • Lorenzo Senatore (3)
  • Michael Marshall (4)
  • Emil Topuzov (5)
  • Martin Chichov (6)
  • Nick Junkersfeld (7)

Edited by1:

  • Michael Ross (1)
  • Ed Marx (2)
  • Raúl Dávalos (3)
  • Stein Myhrstad (4–5)
  • Ludmil Kazakov (5)
  • Don Adams (6)
  • Cameron Hallenbeck (6)
  • Tom Elkins (7)

Music by:

  • Elia Cmiral (1)
  • Bear McCreary (2)
  • Claude Foisy (3–6)
  • Stephen Lukach (7)

Production companies:

  • Constantin Film (1–7)
  • Summit Entertainment (1–6)
  • Regency Enterprises (1, 6)

Distributed by:

  • 20th Century Fox (1)
  • 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (2–6)
  • Saban Films (7)

Running time: 545 minutes

Country: United States

Language: English

Box office: Total (3 films): $50,150,575

How to Download and Watch Wrong Turn All Parts in Hindi Dubbed Download?

How to Download and Watch Wrong Turn All Parts in Hindi Dubbed Download?

Watching movies or Downloading has become very informal for millions of people who request to watch or download movies through torrent sites. We all know that torrent sites offer many of the newest movies and TV shows for free.

And also, though these websites are not secure sufficiently, they are used by millions of users worldwide like any other hacking site, a proxy with lots of free movies and TV series for its users. However, the film Wrong Turn All Parts in Hindi Dubbed Download also shows on the torrent site.

2 Best Alternatives for Watching and Downloading Wrong Turn All Parts in Hindi Dubbed.

More About the Movie: Wrong Turn All Parts in Hindi Dubbed Download.

Wrong Turn (2003)

Main article: Wrong Turn (2003 film)

In the first film, six individuals are stalked by One Eye, Saw Tooth, and Three Finger. Chris Flynn (Desmond Harrington) is forced to make a detour after a chemical spill on the road.

While searching for help in the cabin belonging to the three monstrous mountain men, they are hunted down one by one. In the end, Chris and Jessie Burlingame (Eliza Dushku) survive.

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)

Main article: Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Three Finger and the Old Man are the only returning characters from the first film. The second film introduces a more prominent family of cannibals: Ma, Pa, Brother, and Sister. However, this time, the cannibals hunt down a group of reality show contestants taking part in a survival reality tv show.

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)

Main article: Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead features a group of prison officers and convicts. The returning character Three Finger causes the transport bus to crash, allowing the convicts to escape and take the surviving prison officers, Nate (Tom Frederic) and Walter (Chucky Venn), prisoner.

While fleeing, the convicts and their prisoners stumble across a lost truck that had been transporting thousands of dollars, as well as Alex Miles (Janet Montgomery), who has been lost in the woods since Three Finger killed the rest of her friends. Eventually, Three Toes (Three Finger’s nephew) is killed by Chavez.

Three Finger finds Three Toes’s severed head, which makes him furious. He creates a shrine and leaves the head on display in his cabin. The one surviving convict, Brandon, convinces Nate of his innocence and is set free.

A greedy Nate returns to the truck to steal the money that Chavez wanted. But Brandon shoots him in the back with a bow and arrow and takes the money for himself.

An unknown cannibal comes up behind Brandon and bludgeons him with a crude club killing him and leaving Alex, the only survivor in the film.

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)

Main article: Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

This film provides the back story to the three original killers and shows their childhood. It also shows how the three brothers and several others escaped. The report focuses on a group of nine teenagers who take a wrong turn while riding their snowmobiles looking for their cabin.

They end up in an old abandoned insane asylum inhabited by Three Finger, Saw Tooth, and One Eye. The friends decide to spend the night in the asylum, and the three brothers attack them. By the end of the film, all nine teenagers are dead. The film served as a prequel to the first film.

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012)

Main article: Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

It is revealed that Maynard is a serial killer who has been on the run for over thirty years and is now in cahoots with the three cannibal brothers. He repeatedly refers to them as ‘my boys’ and his kin.

Throughout the film, the brothers attempt to break Maynard out of jail and kill off the college students and Sheriff Angela Carter (Camilla Arfwedson) while the rest of the town is at the festival. The film ends with Maynard and the three brothers escaping with the blinded Lita (Roxanne McKee) as a captive.

This film is a sequel to Bloody Beginnings and leading the events of Wrong Turn (2003).

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)

Main article: Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

In the sixth installment, Danny (Anthony Ilott) discovers his extended lost family as he takes his friends to Hobb Springs, a Forgotten resort deep into West Virginia Hills. Danny then has to choose between his family or friends as they are being killed by his family one by one.

Wrong Turn (2021)

Main article: Wrong Turn (2021 film)

Internationally known as Wrong Turn: The Foundation, the reboot follows six friends hiking on the Appalachian Trail. They become hunted by the Foundation when they inadvertently intrude on the community’s land.


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