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Your Guide to Understanding the UFC

Your Guide to Understanding the UFC

If you’re new to the world of martial arts and combat sports, you may have some questions surrounding the details of UFC and what all the hype is about. UFC tickets are available for those who can access the arena and afford the price of tickets and potential travel, but even many fans tend to watch from home or a local bar. We’ll get into why that is in a moment. UFC is hugely popular and also one of the least cut and dry sports in terms of regulations and rules. To help new fans get started, we put together six points to know to understand UFC a little bit better and help inform you to watch your first fight with confidence. Keep reading to learn more! 

What Is It? 

First, let’s talk about what the UFC actually is. UFC stands for ultimate fighting championship and what most don’t know is that they aren’t a league in and of themselves. The UFC promotes mixed martial arts, or MMA, fights and their sole function is to promote and broadcast major fights. The UFC is the biggest promotional agency related to MMA fights in the world and when you hear people talk about watching the fight, it’s most likely a UFC match. These matches are different from events like boxing or kickboxing, which have more stringent rules and regulations than UFC MMA fights. With that being said, let’s talk about some of the rules and regulations that are associated with MMA fighting. 

What Are The Rules?

The UFC has always claimed that their fights are ‘rule-less.’ However, this isn’t entirely true and there are some regulations that fighters have to adhere by. It’s not street fighting, and by virtue of that there have to be rules. These rules come in the form of fouls and are generally centered around moves and attacks that are deemed unfair or too violent. These include groin attacks, head punches, biting, and generally dirty fighting techniques are discouraged or even illegal in the game. These rules are typically enforced by a referee who will intervene if a fighter makes an illegal move. Other things that can affect a fighters performance is arguing with referees or judges, something that certainly happens from time to time. 

Where Do The Fights Happen? 

The UFC hosts its fights in a special venue located in Nevada called the Octagon. The venue is named for its unique shape and circle around design. UFC fights do travel, but most matches occur in their host venue in Nevada where the company is based. This means attending the events can be tricky and expensive for fans who don’t have the resources to travel and don’t live in the state of Nevada. With that being said, that’s part of what makes UFC so intriguing as a sport. 

Where To Get Tickets

Tickets are available online through their official sales site and through third party sellers. When buying from a third party seller, you may end up spending more than the face value of the tickets which is common with reselling. This is a different thing than scalpers, who buy up tons of tickets and try to sell them at the door of the event for ridiculously marked up prices. Resellers work in a more consistent and official way rather than buying up hugely popular items and selling them for ridiculous profits to desperate fans. 

Other Ways to Watch 

If you want to start watching UFC fights more regularly but aren’t able to physically make it to the game, there are a number of other ways to watch the game. You can stream it online or watch on a public broadcast. Many may find a local watering hole to watch the game with friends or simply just put it on at home for a more comfortable viewing experience. In today’s modern world, there are always multiple ways to access the media and entertainment we love and increase our fandom of our favorite sports, events, and concerts. 


UFC and MMA fighting is a hugely popular sport, although possibly a little too extreme and violent for some viewers. It should be remembered that while the UFC would like us to think there are no rules and regulations for these fights, there certainly are moves that are considered illegal and a general fighting etiquette that participants need to follow. Matches can be seen in person at the Octagon or at venues in cities the UFC may be visiting to promote events. In all other cases, enjoy these fights from the comfort of your home or a local bar that plays matches. 

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